Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's so hard to believe it's been so long since Butterfly! I promised to get you some photos - well, I think I'm finally coming up for air, and here are some of my favorites.

First, Carol Ann Manzi as Butterfly, in one of her opening arias. Her voice stunned us all - I had even heard her in concert before, and I was still overwhelmed with the quality and passion she brought to the role.

Next is the faithless cad, Pinkerton. Vincent Chambers brought this role to life with his fabulous portrayal.

Then there's Ross Halper is the role of Goro - the silly drunkard marriage broker. He was great!

Do you remember the "Flower Duet" - oh, that was SO well done. I just loved it. Sally Mouzon was SO believable as the faithful servant, Suzuki.

And how could you not love the kind-hearted Sharpess? Torlef Borsting made us hurt with him, as he couldn't bring himself to give Butterfly the bad news about Pinkerton.

And of course, there was the heart-ripping aria where Butterfly says goodbye to her son.

Well, I hope this pictoral summary brought you some nice memories!

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