Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Butterfly approaches

Now that the cast is all set, and we're homing in on the orchestra and chorus, it's getting pretty busy around the office! Housing, music, tracking paperwork, helping to make sure everyone gets the information they require --- there's always something to do.

Today we had the unexpected and most annoying experience of having a fax machine call into our office about 30 times. No exaggeration - it started first thing in the morning and went all day.

We're getting ready for the biggest media blitz we've ever done - well, it's a blitz by our modest standards anyway! Watch the papers! Watch the TV! Listen to the radio! Watch your email and your mailbox! Hopefully, you'll be seeing a lot of our beautiful "Un bel di" art in a lot of different places, and even more hopefully, it will encourage you to remember to encourage your friends to come!

Many, many thanks to artist Laurie Justus Pace for giving us permission to use her painting (entitled "Un bel di", and utilizing a score which belong to her late grandfather as the background collage to the painting), and for art owner Dr. James Longo for loaning "Butterfly" to us for so long.

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