Thursday, March 12, 2009

Staging rehearsals

We are into our second week of staging rehearsals, which don't take place at the PAC, but at a local church. Our staging manager, Eugene Hutchins, measures out the rehearsal space and marks the equivalent stage space with masking tape. For the first two weeks, it's about who needs to be where, and when, and what they are singing & how they are singing it, when they get there. Did that make any sense at all? Maybe these photos will help...

Our first singer arrived Monday the 9th, and got to spend a warm March day exploring downtown SLO. Several more artists arrived Tuesday the 10th, and rehearsals began in earnest. Our rehearsal reports, care of Eugene, are always informative for me - telling me what's coming up the next day or so, and whether there are any glitches that the office can help with.

Eugene also gets the task of coordinating all the schedules - especially difficult when it comes to interviews and appearances for the cast, working around rehearsals. Just this morning, he had to work around a photo shoot with the Tribune photographer. You should see the results on that one this Thursday, when they have told us we'll be on the cover of Ticket! Yay, Tribune!!

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