Monday, March 23, 2009

Laurie Justus Pace, artist of 'Un bel di"

Here's a picture of Laurie from her website:

Earlier this year, when James Stahlman (who filled in for me when I was out caring for my injured daughter) was soliciting artists to submit art work for our A Night in Monaco project, Laurie's work came to our attention. Artists were asked to submit something in line with our Fall Japanese theme for Madama Butterfly; Laurie went a step further, and created something especially for us. We were so excited by it that we asked if we could have the rights to use it in our marketing efforts, to which she very graciously agreed. Further, when the piece was auctioned off, the buyer also allowed us to keep it until we could get good photographs of it to use. That meant that the office staff was blessed for a couple month by having it in the office. It's such an amazing piece - the two dimensional rendering really doesn't do it justice.

Here's the story behind the piece: Laurie's grandfather used to play organ to accompany silent films. When she heard we were doing Madama Butterfly, she found his old score, and incorporated the actual pages as the background for the paint.

Here is one piece of it - you can see where the actual pages go, how the paint is layered on top. It's really quite something.

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