Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ross Halper, man of many talents

Director Ross Halper has worked with us for many years, as concert soloist, stage director and mainstage performer. This season we heard him sing some very funny pieces at our Broadway by the Sea concert - and we'll hear him again during Butterfly, in the role of Goro. Like many a great, Ross will both direct and sing in this production.

Ross has also directed quite a few shows with us - Don Giovanni 2005 and Hansel & Gretel 2006 to name a couple. His quiet humor and flair for comedy are just two of his talents. These are part of why he is so successful at putting together a task of disparate personalities, and creating a unified production, seamless in execution.

As the weeks go forward, I will be bringing you updates from rehearsals - maybe even a couple of rehearsal photos if I can get permission...

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