Monday, March 2, 2009

Our advisors

Some local folks are helping us to create as honest a depiction of Japan in the 1900's as is possible within our budget.

These are:

Kaoru Miyanouci, Production Advisor, will assist us with props, costumes. hair, movement, etc.. As Kaoru is also playing in the orchestra, her advice will be during staging rehearsals only, a critical time to make sure we get it right from the beginning.

Barbara Mori, Kimono Advisor, is not only loaning us many kimono for the production, but will also teach chorus members the rather complicated process of donning a kimono during their rehearsals. She has also volunteered as a dresser for the production itself. (Did you know that the plural of kimono is kimono?) Barbara is also a teacher of Chinese calligraphy, and loaned us several pieces for display at our Night of the Butterfly Gala in January.

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