Monday, September 22, 2008

Opera in the Vineyards

What an amazing concert! I do hope other attenders will share their comments about this one in the comments section of the blog, because it is definitely a concert experience that needs to be shared.

Where to begin??? The venue: Robert Hall Winery is a truly beautiful facility, and the Meritage Room provided the perfect place for this concert. The acoustics were just lovely, there is this amazing chandelier, and the ceiling had the most amazing coloring.

The singers: Oh yes, the singers. All I can say is that if you missed this one, your really missed out. Christopher Bengochea (a new father with a one-month old son) gave an outstanding performance, both vocally and dramatically. Carol Ann Manzi, who will play Butterfly in our March 2009 production of Madama Butterfly, gave us a wonderful preview of the fabulous show that's in store for us next year. And Sally Mouzon, who was new to PRO, showed us exactly why San Francisco Opera has chosen her for so many productions. All in all, I would have to say this was a truly remarkable performance all the way around.

So for this amazing concert, I have so many people to thank! Robert Hall, for the kind donation of his facility for our concert, and his staff for their amazing facilitation - not one hitch!! My staff; Julia Longo, Carolyn Mason and Brighton Hushing-Kline, and Board Member Melissa Mertogul for going above and beyond in every way during set-up, welcoming our patrons and clean-up. Our volunteers: Tim Mertogul, Remzi Mertogul, Kylie Mason and Bob Hushing-Kline, for their fabulous work in parking, set-up and take-down.

And lastly, to Robert Ashens, for his outstanding artistic leadership in not only putting this concert together, but also his deft and humorous narration. And as always, his wonderful accompaniment that left me in awe of his skills.

And, irritatingly enough, yes I forgot my camera. Again.

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