Sunday, August 3, 2008

Major fun!

Today's concert "Opera on the Terrace" was just about the most fun I've had doing a concert yet! Great venue! Open, just a little bit of a breeze, not too hot. Nice crowd, too! Just about filled every chair (since some people sat on benches, in effect it was a sell-out!), and people seemed to really enjoy themselves. The music was just perfect - opera pops - with Robert at the keyboard... wish you all could have been there.

Our reception after the concert (at "taste" downstairs) was really great - everyone got a chance to visit with their friends, the singers, Robert... Just a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

And I got a little bonus. Lunch with the gang! The singers, Robert, Julia & I went over to a Firestone Grill for linner. dunch. Whatever that meal was - it was fun and relaxing and good food.

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