Friday, August 29, 2008

Broadway by the Sea recap

Oh, my, what a great day! The weather was just lovely - sunny but not too hot - and the music - well, it was one of the most memorable concerts I've attended with PRO. Of course the Chapman House grounds were just perfect - the begonias were in full bloom and the gardens were groomed to a 'T'. Even the pelicans cooperated by flying by from time-to-time.

Sarah Kleeman's humorous rendition of "Taylor, the Latte Boy" was definitely a favorite! Paul Sahuc's wonderful baritone graced us with such favorites as "Impossible dream", and Ross Halper's musical antics had us in stitches. Robert Ashens' talented accompaniment was just the perfect foil to the day - even before the concert, we got to enjoy his wonderful gifts.

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